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"There are no limits. There are only plateus and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them."

~Bruce Lee


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Eagle Foundations 

The Four Eagle Mainstays of Success

Integrity: Student-athletes must always strive to be honest with their friends, their family, their teammates, and most importantly themselves. Track and field will help provide experiences and test the will of every participant.


Commitment: Through sacrifice, determination, and patience student athletes learn the true meaning of devoting oneself to a team and process.


Community: Track and field teams are a bunch of individuals who work collectively to compete at a higher level, this is the competitive community. Student athletes learn how to compete against one another and for one another.


Industriousness: There is no substitute for hard work. Any student athlete that pushes themselves constantly will find the rewards of industry.


See our Team 

At Broomfield High School it is the goal of the coaching staff to make sure that every athletes is competing to their utmost potential. The Eagles, year in and year out, tend to be one of the biggest teams in the state of Colorado. The focus on every discipline within the sport creates a strong diverse balanced team.

Justin Hazzard


#1 Eagleway

Broomfield CO, 80020

Tel: 720-561-8100

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